Victorian horror and Politics in the Old and Perhaps New World

Frankenstein was not a story but a warning, by the end of the 18th century the world was changing, the first sign was Victor Monster coming to live, but by 1801 it started to become clear that the laws of science were not the only Laws that mattered. In his first act, never recorded and never known King George IV funded a group of people to contain this thread. 40 years later the cause is still being fought, on such group funded by Queen Victoria exists to insure that the horrors of the Night are stopped and that the General population never finds out about the world that exists besides their own where the creatures of legend hunt.

Characters built from (I have the books) Savage Worlds and Savage Worlds Rippers, however the Ripper Class will not be allowed. A limited number of Savage World Deadlands advantages may also be allowed.

Play twice a month current year 1890, locations around the world.

For the honor of the Queen